hanging out {charlotte lifestyle photographer}

Call me lazy, but my idea of a perfect weekend is just hanging out around the house with my boys. There are so many things around Charlotte that we could go do and see (and photograph!), but sometimes it just becomes more of a hazard than the effort is really worth, IMHO. When you I try to force a 2 and 3 year old to go do something they don’t want to do (even if that thing is getting some nice fresh air at a park , zoo or playground) sometimes you I feel like it just backfires, ie. why didn’t we just stay home?!

The recent winter weather has made hanging around the house inevitable. It’s COLD! Ok, so it’s been in the 30’s-40’s during the day…but that is fraizin‘ in the south y’all! 😉  Will and Charlie are also in a phase where clothes are pretty much a nuisance so it’s a 50/50 that they don’t have enough clothes on, and about 80% 98% of the time they don’t match (I like my sanity so I pick my battles!).

So what do we do (besides movie time) on those chilly days at home? Hot wheels collision course of course! We set up a long track, clamp it to an end table and figure out a way to launch them into a basket. Or just create a stock car pile up.  Either way, the ability of Hot Wheels cars to entertain my boys for hours is amazing to me.  Here are a few favorite Nikon photos  I took last weekend of this sweet, silly time together.  ❤ Enjoy!

hanging out {charlotte lifestyle photographer}

hanging out {charlotte lifestyle photographer}

hanging out {charlotte lifestyle photographer}

hanging out {charlotte lifestyle photographer}


They will never be that small again ❤



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Beth Wade is a Charlotte, NC photographer specializing in modern family, baby and newborn photography. Serving North & South Carolina, Lake Wylie, Lake Norman, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Matthews, Gaston, York County and communities of Southpark, Ballantyne, Montibello, Myers Park, Dilworth, Quail Hollow, Baxter Village and the Palisades.


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