charlotte family photographer – silently judging you

Getting great candid shots of my 2 year old son is relatively easy now. When I first started taking pics of him I’d get 90% of his ear or the back of his head…now that percentage is down to about 20 🙂

He’s got a super sweet disposition and I love getting his cute and funny faces, but I think my favorite shots are of faces like this one. A friend from college hit the nail on the head for us on this – it’s his “I’m silently judging you” face. It can also double as a “I’m so disappointed in you” face, which is kind of bizarre to peg on a 2 year old.

I actually think this is more of a pensive/unsure/cautious look based on the situations where we see it. Either way, he’ll always be our little “silent judger”. ❤candid life photography - silently judging

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Beth Wade is a Charlotte, NC photographer specializing in modern family, baby and newborn photography. Serving North & South Carolina, Lake Wylie, Gaston, York County.


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