My life, my photos & LIFE magazine

Sometimes you need other people to tell you about YOU.

I had my first son 2 years ago and started taking photos all the time. My husband would say “he’ll never be this small again” and I’d run and grab my camera 🙂 At that time I was using a Sony point and shoot and my iphone. Last year I finally got a Nikon DSLR and it has changed my life (not to mention my photos!).

It has been incredible to learn something artsy and new. My background growing up was in painting, charcoal and ink so I guess you could say I have an “artist’s eye”. But the one challenge I’ve had lately is looking at my photos and trying to figure out my “style”…

Again, sometimes you need other people to tell you about YOU.

I recently posted this photo to facebook for my 365 project, feeling totally uncreative about it – like it is just going to be a “blah” post for the day, but this is the comment a sweet friend made that changed my entire perspective on my photos:

JF: Nobody snaps photos like you do Beth. Pitter patter!

Me: thx! can you tell what (who) is the most important in my life? 😉

JF: Without question. We’ve known that all along. Love that you can do it justice in a LIFE magazine kind of way!

Me —> ha! hmmm. wait…  lightbulb!

I have always considered myself to be good at candid photography, but I never considered that candid photography can be good.

Comparing my photos to “a LIFE magazine kind of way” is the most awesome compliment I’ve ever gotten. THANK YOU JILL ❤ Today I have a new perspective and feel like I am much closer to finding my style, and developing consistency in my photographs.

candid life photography - my boys at the house


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