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photography bucket list {charlotte professional photographer}

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If you are following my light painting photography blog then you have probably already figured out that I enjoy challenging myself with new technique. I know that I have made some significant accomplishments in my work, but photography is such a dynamic field – I still feel like I have a lot to learn.

So I decided to start a photography “bucket list” of shots that I want to take before I leave this old world. I’m currently doing a 365 project and it has helped me to find and make everyday things in my life look interesting and captivating. Hopefully this list will help me expand on that project while developing my technique and seeing some amaazing things along the way! After losing my dad in 2008, I have made a conscious move from being “work-driven” to “life-driven”, which means doing more with my family, and more for myself. This is the first time I’ve written down any sort of life goals (besides the given education, house, job, marriage, kids, etc) and it feels good :)

My Photography Bucket List:

1. panning shot

2. long exposure waterfall (and I mean a gorgeous, NATURAL waterfall…I’ve taken one of the fake fountain waterfall outside my office building = not the same)

3. the moon (detailed shot, not from afar)

**5.4.12 – see my photos of the moon

4. lightning

**5.17.12 – see my lightning photos

5. a great macro shot!

**3.24.13 – see macro photos of my son

6. a self portrait of my family (taken with a tripod)

**10.7.12 – see my family self portrait

7. a great wedding photo (it doesn’t just have to be the bride and groom, just one incredible shot from a wedding that I attend)

**5.26.12 – see my really great wedding photo!

8. shot of a group jumping

9. a water droplet

10. a complete stranger

11. an airplane (I’ve taken tons with my iPhone, but I’m talking about a real nice, detailed, close up, in-flight image)

**5.11.12 – see my airplane photos

12. fireworks

**7.4.12 – see my fourth of July fireworks photos

13. another photographer in action

14. a FULL rainbow

**7/27/12 – see my full and DOUBLE full rainbow photos

15. a double rainbow

**7/27/12 – see my full and DOUBLE full rainbow photos

16. identical twins

**8.26.12 & 12.4.12/9.3.12 – see identical twin girls and identical twin boys here AND fraternal twin boys here

17. ferris wheel

18. a million dollar mansion!

**10.3.12 – see my photos of a million dollar mansion

19. a great silhouette shot of a person or people

20. dramatic light self-portrait

21. big city skyline

**10.29.12 – see my big city skyline photo

22. a newborn smile :)

**2.19.13 – see my photo of a newborn smiling

23. a really long road (without any cars)

24. my kids sharing a secret

25. photographing something for a good cause

**9.24.12 – see my Isabella Santos Foundation 5K for Kids Cancer photos

26. the Eiffel Tower

27. the Taj Mahal

28. the Golden Gate Bridge (day and night)

29. the Northern Lights

30. the reflection of mountains on a lake

31. Machu Pichu

32. a sweet pet photo (cat, dog, puppies, kittens)

**2.16.13 – see my sweet pet photos

33. a live music concert

34. a lighthouse

35. sunset at the beach

36. the Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC

37. view from a hot air balloon

38. an elaborate tattoo

39. a field FULL of flowers

40. a wild animal (NOT at the zoo)

41. a dancer in motion

42. an athlete in motion

43. a really big fish

44. wild horses

45. someone diving into water

46. The White House

47. food (any cooked meal…I always think most food photos look gross :-/ )

48. people walking in the rain

49. a photo with at least 4 generations of family

**10.16.12 – see my photo of 4 generations of women

50. London Bridge (day and night)

51. dramatic city life night shot

52. raw emotion: pure unconditional love

**6.16.12 – see my photo of raw emotion-pure unconditional love

53. a gorgeous snowy/winter-wonderland photo

**2.17.13 – see my snowy winter wonderland photo

54. a really big wave

55. a really expensive car

56. a Beatles Abbey Road-esque shot

57. a hummingbird

58. my first day of retirement

59. an underwater shot

60. a celebrity


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